ATECA F24-7 Hotel

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In response to the massive demand for budget hotels across the world, ATECA Hotels has developed a unique and trendy affordable lifestyle hotel concept that is ready to plug and play with an innovative ‘hotel in a box’ kit. Affordability is the key element for both owners as well as consumers. Fast, efficient and cost-effective construction, smart operations, quick return on investment, cool and functional spaces, up-to-date technology and chill-out hospitality, are just some of the features that make it a revolutionary concept in budget hotels.

Building a hotel was never so simple or quick! This comes with a comprehensive kit for owners containing detailed architectural, design, operations and branding manuals – all in one box-providing owners necessary tools and guidance for the project from start to finish.

Technology and seamless connectivity hold the key to this advanced, smart and futuristic concept. Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the hotel industry mainly because of its ability to carry out traditionally human functions at any time of the day. Application of AI tools at our hotels will make operations easier, efficient, user-friendly, effective, faster, inexpensive and more streamlined. By employing big data and artificial intelligence, we aim to successfully drive digital and intelligent transformation to the benefit of everyone.

 ATECA F24-7 Hotel

  • ◆ Due Diligence
  • ◆ Design and Architecture
  • ◆ Concept Development
  • ◆ Project Development Management
  • ◆ Management Contracts
  • ◆ Pre-Opening Management
  • ◆ Operations and Asset Management
  • ◆ E- Commerce
  • ◆ Revenue Management & Yield Strategies
  • ◆ Pre-Opening Planning
  • ◆ Branding & Positioning
  • ◆ Sales & Marketing

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